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How to earn Rekucci Rewards:

  • Celebrate a birthday:

    Collect 250 points

  • Place an order:

    Collect 2 points

    for every $1 spent

  • Sign Up:

    Collect 500 points

  • Follow us on Instagram:

    Collect 50 points

  • Like us on Facebook:

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    Collect 100 points

The Rewards:

Once Rekucci Rewards have been earned you can redeem them on your next order. Below are some examples of how much Rekucci Rewards you need to earn per reward.

  • $100 off coupon

    2500 points to redeem

  • $50 off coupon

    2000 points to redeem

  • $20 off coupon

    1500 points to redeem

  • $10 off coupon

    1000 points to redeem

  • $5 off coupon

    500 points to redeem